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First Anniversary

Where does the time go? It has now been one year since I got married to my amazing wife. It truly was a magical night with great food and music along with all of our friends and family. It’s amazing how it takes months of planning and saving for something that is over in just a few short hours. Our goal all along was to throw a great party and I believe we were extremely successful. I attribute much of the success to the great people that made our night so wonderful including David’s Country Inn and the Almost Easy Band. Wedding Galleries

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Very Fake News

President Donald Trump unloads on Bob Acosta and CNN them “Very Fake News.” These press conferences keep getting better and better. After 8 years of slobbering over Obama, its easy to see why these guys in the media don’t get it. Either way, I can’t get enough of them.

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Super Bowl LI Craziness

Not being a football fan, I usually only watch a couple of games per year with one always being the Super Bowl. Last night was one of the most amazing football games and quite possibly one of the most amazing events in sports history. Super Bowl LI featured a first half domination by the Atlanta Falcons and a second half comeback of epic proportions by the New England Patriots who won in overtime, a first in Super Bowl history. What I found to be even more entertaining was the political backlash from the crazy left. They were upset about Lady Gaga’s lack of anti-Trump statement during the half-time show and the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (who are Trump supporters) winning yet again. Even better was all of the mid-game analysis by know-it-alls running their models and providing the world with incorrect predictions. Where have we seen that before? I absolutely love it.  When will the media learn?

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Cradle of Filth – Webster Hall, NYC

Its been almost five years since Cradle of Filth has toured the United States. The last attempt at a tour was cancelled due to visa related issues, but this time only the first four shows were cancelled and members of the British metal band were able to make their way through the US and Canada with support from Ne Obliviscaris and the Butcher Babies.

After the Philadelphia show was cancelled, I made my way into New York City to see the final stop of the tour at Webster Hall. While I have seen COF live many times, this was my first time seeing the supporting acts and was my first time at Webster Hall.

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Back From The Dead

Its been a little over two years since my last post here, so its about time for an update. Two years? WTF? Well, sometimes life throws you a curve ball and things get challenging which in my case leads to a lack of posts and fresh content. Maybe someday I’ll actually put some of this into text here because it has been quite a journey filled with all kinds of ups and downs. Until then, my goal for the rest of this year and into 2016 is to post a little more regularly with any random crap that comes to mind.

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