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Very Fake News

President Donald Trump unloads on Bob Acosta and CNN them “Very Fake News.” These press conferences keep getting better and better. After 8 years of slobbering over Obama, its easy to see why these guys in the media don’t get it. Either way, I can’t get enough of them.

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Super Bowl LI Craziness

Not being a football fan, I usually only watch a couple of games per year with one always being the Super Bowl. Last night was one of the most amazing football games and quite possibly one of the most amazing events in sports history. Super Bowl LI featured a first half domination by the Atlanta Falcons and a second half comeback of epic proportions by the New England Patriots who won in overtime, a first in Super Bowl history. What I found to be even more entertaining was the political backlash from the crazy left. They were upset about Lady Gaga’s lack of anti-Trump statement during the half-time show and the fact that Tom Brady and Bill Belichick (who are Trump supporters) winning yet again. Even better was all of the mid-game analysis by know-it-alls running their models and providing the world with incorrect predictions. Where have we seen that before? I absolutely love it.  When will the media learn?

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President Trump

In a remarkable turn of events, Donald Trump proved everyone wrong and will become the nation’s 45th president. Earlier this year he defeated Jeb Bush most likely ending the Bush Dynasty and has now defeated Hillary Clinton hopefully putting an end to the Clinton Cartel’s political ambitions.  I think its safe to say that America has had enough of both families. Not only did the Republicans win the White House, but they kept control of the House of Representatives and the Senate.  They also added to their majority of governors and state level legislature control.  It was a serious 11th hour clock cleaning by the GOP. Now, we have hoodlums and snowflakes in the streets rioting and crying because their candidate didn’t win after being told that it was ‘her’ turn and that a win was all but certain.  Professors are cancelling mid-term exams and CEO’s are threatening their employees post election.   My hope is that this may very well be the end of the political correctness culture that has been festering for years in this country.  We’ve all had enough of things like ‘safe spaces’ and ‘gender fluid’. President Trump (sounds great right?)

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Election Prediction

In a little over 24 hours time, we will probably know the name of our next President; Clinton or Trump.  All of the major polls have Clinton up +4 to +8 points in the general election with huge wins in the electoral college.  It would look something like this: I suppose that this is a possible outcome, but I just don’t see it.  Based on the polls, I’m not sure how Clinton would win so many toss-up states like FL, NV, Pa, NC, CO and NH.  I think it will be quite a bit closer, possibly coming down to a single state like New Hampshire or Nevada. … and yet, there is apart of me that not only hopes, but also believes that the American people will elect Trump in a landslide that would look something like: Either way, I will be glad when this is all over.

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Michael More Gets It Right

I honestly can’t stand Michael Moore, but I think he’s onto something here.  He has been saying that Trump would win this election for some time now, and this clip explains why.  Its scary, but I think I’m here agreeing with Michael Moore!

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