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  • Supercharged 396cid V8 - Engine Specifications
    Supercharged 396cid V8 – Engine Specifications
    One of the main reasons why I purchased the '90 Corvette from Texas was the newly installed performance engine. It was built by Agostino Racing Engines in Pickering, Ontario and installed by The Corvette Shop, Inc. in Dallas, Texas. It's an L98 TPI based small block V8 with the following specifications:...
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  • First Anniversary
    First Anniversary
    Where does the time go? It has now been one year since I got married to my amazing wife. It truly was a magical night with great food and music along with all of our friends and family. It’s amazing how it takes months of planning and saving for something that is over in just a few short hours. Our goal all along was to throw a great party and I believe we were extremely successful. I attribute much of the success to the great...
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  • The Shinoda/Mears Corvette Project Has Been Added
    The Shinoda/Mears Corvette Project Has Been Added
    Well, after sitting around basically collecting dust for the last 10 years, I have begun work on the Shinoda/Mears Corvette project. On the project page, I have posted The Story about how I came to own the car along with my experience having work done on it at a performance shop in Texas. At this point, I am ready to move on and complete this project and get the car up and running. My hope is to have 90% of the car done by next...
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  • Divi-Divi Tree in Aruba
    Divi-Divi Tree in Aruba
    The Divi-Divi tree is called the compass of Aruba because it is prevalent on the island and is always pointing towards the South-West. This particular tree is located on Eagle Beach and is extremely popular at sunset for obvious reasons. This picture was taken with a simple Canon point and shoot camera with minor post-processing....
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  • How to Drive a Stick Shift to Death Metal
    How to Drive a Stick Shift to Death Metal
    This is totally awesome video! I wish I could have learned more things in life via death metal. Rock on!  ...
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  • Late Model Dinan 8 on Ebay
    Late Model Dinan 8 on Ebay
    While my ’91 Dinan 8 is an amazing ride, look what just popped up for sale on ebay.  Its a ’97 Dinan 8 with a Stage III twin turbo package and Stage III suspension and brakes.  This could very well be the last 8-series conversion done by Dinan. The selling has confirmed that the stock M73 5.4L V12 was upgraded with a 5.6L version and the twin turbo package.  This car is one of the few Dinan 8 cars that features the 5-speed automatic transmission....
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