This project started over 10 years ago with the intention of creating a fun custom sports car based on a Corvette. My goal was to have very few original GM parts left, making the car look and drive like nothing else on the road. It began life as a pretty plain 1988 C4 Chevrolet Corvette with a black body and saddle interior (tan). It was powered by the L98 350cid V8 engine, 700R4 automatic transmission, D36 3.07 rear end and Z52 suspension. It may have been exciting when it was released in the late 80′s, but by today’s standards, it features an uninspired engine and dated styling.

Through the course of the project, virtually all aspect of the car have been modified including the power train, exterior, interior, safety systems, and stereo. The car has truly been transformed into something unique. Many people feel that it is sac-religious to modify (or in their words ‘destroy’) any Corvette, but C4 Vettes are very abundant and have not held their values very well… making them the perfect choice for such a project.

Learn more about the build!

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