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Sunrise over Skansen Krona in Gothenburg, Sweden

The sun rises over a 17th Century fortress known as Skansen Krona in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was originally built outside the city walls as part of the defenses against a possible Danish attack. It is now situated in the center of the city on a hill in the Haga district.

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Whirlwind Trip Through Scandinavia

Timing is everything right? Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey on Monday and Tuesday leaving the entire state paralyzed and I was scheduled to fly to Norway on Thursday. Thankfully Newark Airport opened back up just in time for the flight over the Atlantic.

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Barber’s Point Lighthouse

Barber’s Point Lighthouse is located on the south-western coast of Honolulu, Hawaii.  The area is surrounded by an industrial park but is home to Germaine’s Luau.  This was one of the only times that we saw the sun during our 10 day trip to Hawaii.

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