Pigeon Island is a 44 acre islet located on the northern tip of St. Lucia.  It was once an island surrounded by the Caribbean Sea, but in 1972 a man-made causeway was built to connect the island to the mainland.  It features two peaks that offers extraordinary views along with two British Forts that were previously used to spy on French Ships heading for neighboring Martinique.

Pigeon Island National Landmark, St. Lucia

The trip and small fee to enter are worthwhile as the views are amazing.

Pigeon Island Ruins

Ruins of military buildings used during the battles between the French and the British for the island of Saint Lucia.

Machines around the ruins

Parts from old machines can still be found around the ruins.

Rock formation

A large rock formation off the northern coast.

Palm trees line the shoreline.

Palm trees line the shoreline.

Pathway to the forts.

A well groomed pathway leads you to the old forts.

Climbing towards the fort.

The views continue to get better as you climb upward.

View of the upper fort at the edge of the island.

From the fort looking back.

High atop the upper fort looking back towards the park area and resort.


Of course there’s an old cannon pointed out into the Caribbean Sea.

View of St. Lucia.

View of the harbor and the northern part of St. Lucia from the upper fort.

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