Time For A New Server

The time has come for a new home server.  The current one is getting old, is under powered and is completely full… maxed out around 10TB! I’ve been using a dual Xeon setup for the last few years running the original Microsoft Home Server (WHS) OS.  It has five Samsung 2TB hard drives for storage and a 320GB Seagate for the OS.  WHS automatically creates one large storage pool from all of the drives and is set to duplicate all of the data for added protection (every files is located on two different drives). Microsoft came out with a followup to WHS but has since announced its end of life so I will probably go with something else for this build… maybe a simple Windows 8 server will suffice. Hardware will include: Intel motherboard and i3 2100 processor 8GB or RAM Areca ARC-1230 12 Port PCIe Raid Card with 1GB cache and battery backup 750 watt power supply Blu ray drive (9) Samsung 2TB hard drives in RAID 6 + (1) Hot Swap Spare (2) Seagate 3TB hard drives in RAID 1 (5) Western Digital 1TB drives in RAID 5 for backup Full tower case with 13 hot swap bays

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